Exploring Options

At The Disability Trust our Support Coordinators are skilled at coordinating a wide range of funded, mainstream and informal supports and provide all three levels of NDIS support coordination:

  • Support Connection
    With Support Connection we can provide you with short term assistance to help you identify service providers and negotiate service agreements.
  • Coordination of Supports
    Support coordination is longer term capacity building support which is intended to support you to choose and connect with the services and supports you need from a range of providers.
  • Specialist Support Coordination
    Specialist support coordination is for where you may be experiencing high risk and have higher needs and may need to access multiple supports that mean things are more complex.

We work with you to help you understand your choices and develop your capacity to put you in control.

With your NDIS plan there can be a lot of decisions to make:

  • Which providers will deliver which supports?
  • What informal or mainstream supports could I access?
  • Which days of the week and times of day do I need support?
  • What am I looking for in a support worker?

Trusted Support Coordination approaches these decision points with you with a view to empowering you to make decisions so in the future you can be in control of your NDIS journey.