Building Connections

The Disability Trust’s Support Coordination services help you to strengthen your ability to coordinate and implement your own supports, and participate and be included in your community.

Our highly trained Support Coordinators can provide assistance in linking you with the right service providers to meet your needs and provide the services in your NDIS plan.  We can help you choose the best providers for you based on the value, availability, location and quality of what is available.

Through building meaningful connections we work with you to reduce reliance on paid supports wherever possible and explore ways of making progress towards your goals.

Your Trusted Support Coordinator will:

  • Talk with you about your goals,
  • Investigate options in service providers and mainstream supports to meet your needs,
  • Resolve or plan to manage points of crisis in your life,
  • Liaise with the NDIA or your LAC,
  • Build your capacity to coordinate your own supports